Car Cooking with Mini

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Blog

car cookingThe Sunflair® MINI fits nicely on most dashboards. PARK the car with the windshield towards the sun, set the Sunlfair® MINI up on the dashboard, and start your meal! Please note: today’s cars use Low-E glass and/or tinting which hinder the passing of UV rays. Because of this, temperatures will be lower then if the SUNFLAIR® is out in direct sunlight. Temperatures of note: A pot on a stove never exceeds 212F/100C, and a simmer is 180-190F.

Warning: Cook Responsibly, “DO NOT COOK AND DRIVE!” The oven will block your view when driving.


  1. Rachel

    The size of this sun oven looks fantastic! This would be a great way to cook! I can just imagine setting the oven up right before heading out for a hike and then coming back to the car to enjoy a hot meal! What a great idea!

  2. Bill Megan

    Looking for a small solar oven and yours has very good reviews. Can you tell me approximately how long your ovens last. Warranty?


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