Hurricane Season

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Nature has a mind of it’s own and everyone needs a Sunflair Solar Oven. They cook, they pasteurize water, they sterilize badges and surgical tool, and they float – which is important for flood prone regions. They are light weight. The Mini oven weighs 8 oz., and the large oven weighs 1.1 lb, and both sizes fold small for easy storage and travel. The Mini folds to the size of a 3 ring binder, and the large oven folds to the size of the seat cushion. The reflective material can also be used for signaling for help.

Everyone’s emergency list may vary,

but here is a good place to start.


Emergency List

• Sunflair Solar Oven
• A 3 day supply of water, 1 gallon per person, per day
•  3 to 12 days of food
•  A can opener
•  Flashlight(s)
•  A battery-powered radio, preferably a weather radio
•  Extra batteries
•  A first aid kit
•  A small fire extinguisher
•  Whistles, 1 for each person
•  A 7 to 14 day supply of medications, and vitamins
•  A multipurpose tool, with pliers and a screwdriver
•  Cell phones and chargers
•  Contact information for the family
•  A sleeping bag for each person
•  Extra cash
•  A silver foil emergency blanket, 1 for each person
•  A map of the area
•  Baby supplies
•  Pet supplies
•  Wet wipes
•  A camera (to document storm damage)
•  Insect repellent
•  Rain gear
•  Tools and supplies for securing your home
•  Plastic sheeting
•  Duct tape
•  Dust masks
•  An extra set of house keys
•  An extra set of car keys
•  An emergency ladder to evacuate the second floor
•  Household bleach
•  Paper cups, plates and paper towels
•  Activities for children


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