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Cambodia family who love their sunflair solar oven We even have Cambodia cooking with our SUNFLAIR® solar ovens. This sweet family is special in our hearts. They are in Cambodia and they call their SUNFLAIR® MINI Solar Oven their “Little Kitchen.” A portion of proceeds go towards helping others, which also helps us all in reducing carbon emissions on our awesome planet.


  1. Anna Lord

    We just returned from a trip to Cambodia and while I was there I thought that solar cooking would be a boon to rural Cambodians. Are you working with any non-profits to get your ovens to people there?

  2. 2LabsandaHuman

    That is amazing. One has to travel as I have to 3rd World arras to truly appreciate the importance of this. Deforestation is a huge problem. Imagine how many trees this will save. One family over just one year uses so much wood.
    Great Story SunFlair


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