Beer Bread

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Bread/Grains, Recipes

beer-bread-bakedBeer bread is an easy and rewarding bread to make. It is a hearty bread, and when cooked in the SunflairĀ®, it won’t rise as much, but it will be moist and tender. The yeast in the beer makes the bread rise and butter is not required as it is steamed from the moisture of the beer. Thus, a healthier bread!



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    BEST using Shiner Bock! Try adding cheddar and jalapenos, herbs, or black olives.

    TIPS: Without a sifter, lightly spoon the flour into the measuring cup, and reduce the total amount by 3-4 T. Mix the dry ingredients before adding the liquid. Stir the batter gently just til the ingredients are combined, to keep it frothy.

    My folks got the recipe 3 c self-rising flour + 5 T sugar + 12-oz beer (bake at 350F ~50 min) from a newspaper about 1963. We made this quickbread with every flavor of carbonated soft drink then, reducing the sugar. It was no heavier than with beer, so I think rising results from the actions of the baking powder and soda with the liquid, whether beer or soda pop. I just know it still disappears fast at potluck dinners.


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