Cookies, Homemade or Refrigerated

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Cookies, Homemade or Refrigerated

Nothing like fresh hot cookies out of the oven. Just like grilling, there are little tips that follow natures laws of physics that will aid in cookie making. Solar ovens not only retain heat, but moisture too.

Note and tips:

1. If using refrigerated cookie dough, use good quality. Although Pillsbury and Nestle refrigerated cookie doughs are American Classics, they contain more oils and won’t cook up as nice as other brands. The dough kind-of puddles and doesn’t look “done” while cooking. But when removed, and cooled, they get rock hard.

2. Homemade is always the tastiest because they are made with love. Reducing the oil by a 1/3 to 1/2 will speed up the cooking time. This is because traditional recipes add more liquids, because kitchen ovens are a dry heat.

3. The top rack will cook faster because hot air rises. Once the top rack is done, move the bottom tray to the top rack. The first tray is often gobbled up while the second tray is finishing cooking.

4. The hottest place is the center core, where the pot sits. So the thermometer reading is a gage, and it actually approximately 5-15 degrees hotter on the trays.

5. Since the cookies aren’t covered with a lid, they may release moisture – to which condensation might build up on the inside of the clear cover. If this happens, unzip the cover to a sweet spot of 3″-10″ and give a little pooch to the opening.



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